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  • Mary Ann Brown

Kick Butt As a Project Manager

Project managers have become an important part of organizational success. They are the ones who are likely to measure the values of resources constantly and add value to the team. The demand for project management talent is growing globally equally in all fields of information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, construction or business services.

And with all this, the question arises: How to be a successful project manager?

The answer is not simple.

In a high-pressure working environment, there is a need of streamlines and truly outstanding project managers who exhibit the required leadership skills. They should be keen and committed to moving their team forward collaboratively.

If we ask you, to define a good project manager, many of you will define them on different aspects like the ones who deliver the projects within the deadline or those who meet the requirements of the clients or those who have the skills. But probably, there is a lot more. It takes more to become a project manager who is admired by everyone.

In this article, we are going to put a light on the qualities of a good project manager which can help you transform from your present self to a new future self.

Work on your people skills

Project managers have to be people-people and sharpening your people skills will help you maintain relationships, improving communication and boosting self-confidence. As you are working with your team on a project, it is important to learn about their skills and handle all the interpersonal workings for the project to move. To get along in the project you need people skills and more. And what are the strategies to improve your people skills?

  • Become aware of your emotions to certain situations

  • Recognize who all are stressed

  • Do not control the team, and respect them

  • Take actions to resolve the conflict

  • Be aware of cultural differences

Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities

A modern project manager is usually juggling an ever-increasing number of digital tools.

Communicate like a pro

Communicate with confidence to be able to make clear what the particular tasks each team member needs to tackle. Communication goes hand-in-hand with leadership skills.

Identify employees strengths and weaknesses

With a perspective of a manager, identifying the strengths and weakness of a team is a golden chance to unlock the potential of every team member. To be a better project manager this will lead to driving a productive project.

Build project management experience

With each new project you will hone your skill set and incorporating new skills into your arsenal.

Stay on Track

There are surely going to be curves and hurdles during each project. It is essential to stay on track for the team to progress. Here are tips to make sure your project work gets done on schedule and within budget constraints.

  • Define relevant procedures

  • Monitor the budget

  • Keep an eye on the schedule

  • Document the project details

  • Make sure team knows the deadlines

  • Celebrate milestones

The best results will be the projects will be on track and well-managed.

A project manager should be always able to bring out the team’s creative best. A successful project manager is one who visualizes the entire project and pulls its team to go beyond their limits. Let your team have the freedom to have skin in the game and authority to make decisions. This will help your team to get more done and be more productive. Pull them to greater achievements.

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