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  • Mary Ann Brown

The Right Habits Can Lead to Success

You keep busy with life moving from one thing to the next, work, dinner, kids to sports, yard work and so much more. But taking the time to enjoy a habit or two can help for your physical as well as mental wellbeing.

Eating at Home

Nowadays, we’re able to order food with just a few clicks on our phones or from a drive-through. However, we encourage you to try to cook your own meal. There are many benefits to cooking at home, starting with eating healthier. When cooking your own food you know exactly what’s going into your meal. You’re in control of how much butter, sugar, and salt to add, compared to eating at a restaurant, where you have no idea what’s going into your food. Not only is eating at home healthier, but you also save money at the same time. Restaurants mark up their ingredient cost, making the price of the dish more expensive. You can make the same meal for way less at home, with the help of the internet. After making your own meal, you’ll truly appreciate each bite.

Physical Activities

It goes without saying why doing physical activities is important. But sometimes we lose our mindfulness while engaging in these activities. Working out sometimes becomes so routine that you lose the passion behind it. Whether it’s working out, basketball, cycling, etc. make sure to set a goal for yourself to reach. When you do so you’ll feel like you have gained a new sort of control over your life. It can be as small as taking a 15-minute walk every day. It will get easier and easier every day so then you’ll set another goal for yourself. It will be your own personal adventure that you’re embarking on.

One Task at a Time

Many people try to multitask. You’ll rarely ever see someone with only one tab open or even one task at hand. However just because you can multitask, doesn’t mean that you are being more productive. Dividing your attention up for multiple tasks makes it more likely for the possibility of a mistake. Doing one task at a time allows you to put all your focus on the current task you’re working on. You’ll be able to finish the task at a faster pace, compared to working on multiple tasks at once. After you finish your task, you will feel more relaxed and accomplished. The dopamine rush that you feel after you accomplish your task will act as a motivation for you to keep completing more tasks. Work smarter, not harder.

The Outdoors

Right now, we’re living in a time where going out has become a somewhat dangerous task. If you do have the chance to go out, take advantage of this! It can be as small as a walk around the block. According to Healthline, “Exposure to sunlight increases the release of a hormone called serotonin in your brain, which is a chemical associated with boosting mood and helping you feel calmer and more focused.” Really take in the feeling of the wind touching your skin, the sounds of birds chirping, or the color of the sky. These things go unnoticed in our fast-paced life. But once you take a step back and notice the things that surround you, you can truly appreciate it being there.

Selfcare Time

It is time to prioritize your health and wellness. Selfcare is so important. You should get into the habit of giving yourself an hour where you self reflects, evaluate, and relax. Everyone needs alone time where you can do something for no other reason other than that it makes YOU happy. Make time to do your hobby that you’ve been too busy throughout the day to do. Don’t feel guilty for spending this time away from your work or family. Give yourself permission to maintain your emotional and physical health because self-care is not selfish.

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