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What Does A Podcast Producer Do?

There are several steps and people involved in producing a high-quality podcast. Podcast producers play a huge role in creating excellent episodes and awesome content. As a role, they directly contribute to the success or failure of a podcast.

Having a great podcast producer on your production team is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your podcast and/or brand. A great podcast producer can make your podcast stand out in this hyper-competitive world of podcasting we find ourselves in today.

Think of a podcast producer as a manager of the podcast, and project manager of the tasks. They oversee all aspects of production and handle many different responsibilities in order to create a great episode. They are also there to provide a support system to the podcast host and answer any podcasting questions that clients may have along the way. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the main roles of a podcast producer.

Main Podcast Producer Responsibilities:

  • Provides direction

  • Will manage the podcast and oversee tasks

  • A good-quality podcast producer will be knowledgeable about both audio and video editing software. And, they will assist in the editing process from beginning to end. They will also ensure that all episodes are released on time and that each and every episode is edited for max appeal and optimal sound-quality.

  • Another responsibility of a podcast producer is to assist the podcast host(s) with research about guests and scheduling. Having great-quality guests can greatly increase the success of any podcast. And, staying on track is super important when it comes to releasing new episodes each and every week.

  • A great podcast producer will support the podcast host in many aspects of podcast creation. They should be there to brainstorm, answer questions, release podcasts, market/advertise new episodes/merch, and support the overall growth of the podcast.

  • Review analytics and competing podcasters to provide insight on expertise, talking points, and structure.

How To Become A Podcast Producer

If you’re looking to become a podcast producer, you’re already on the right track. The first step of becoming a podcast producer is doing your research. So you’ve already got a great start!

Key things to consider include the types of podcasts you’d like to produce and the financial investment in equipment. You should also consider whether or not you think podcast production is something you would enjoy as a full-time profession.

Level up your skill set.

With podcast producing comes a multitude of skills and talents. If this is your chosen career path, be sure to take some time to hone in those important podcasting skills. These include recording and editing using audio and video software, producing, podcasting, marketing, e-commerce, creative writing, and even communication skills.

In order to draw in awesome clients, you need to get some experience as a podcast producer. Join the community by joining podcasting groups online or reach out to friends and family in the industry. You can also apply for internships/podcast producer job opportunities to gain experience. Once you’ve got some hours of experience on your resume, you will be ready to start building your own client list!

Invest in equipment

To become a full-time podcast producer, you will definitely need to invest in some good-quality equipment. Especially when it comes to your digital audio workstation.

Put yourself out there.

And last but not least, put together your portfolio and get your name out there! Market yourself online or in your community or reach out to potential clients via social media. You can also ask your friends and family to shout you out online.

For more information on podcast producing…

Hiring a podcast producer can have a huge positive impact on your podcast team and overall production process. Just be sure to do your research and choose a reputable producer. If you’re looking to hire one in the near future, we recommend checking out our services and scheduling a discovery call.

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