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When project management services go wrong

Communication is the most important aspect of project management that cannot be forgotten throughout the course of the project. All of a project's stakeholders should receive regular updates via email, meetings, conference call, or by viewing a project's dashboard. Communication during all phases of the project can help avoid costly rework at a later date.

When project management services go off the rail, this is where the human element of communication shines. There’s no such thing as overcommunication when a project is at risk.

Project Management Tools

A project can be organized and tracked using special tools. Tools used to track projects can be as simple as charting progress on a whiteboard or as complex as specialized project management software . A project manager can create charts in word processing or spreadsheet programs or use specialized software.

The traditional approach to project management is based on sequential steps. The steps may vary by individual organization and usually include:

Initiation to gain an understanding of the scope of the project, identify stakeholders, and develop objectives. It has evolved to handle projects that clearly state a need, target date, and cost.

Planning and design to further define the objectives and break the work into manageable tasks. Time and cost estimates, sequence and scheduling, and resource assignment should take place during this step.

Execution and construction occurs after the project plan has been approved by stakeholders or other decision makers.

Monitoring and controlling systems take place throughout the course of development so changes can be made as needed. Milestones are highlighted and regular reports are issued to stakeholders.

Completion includes evaluation of the project, a final report, and handoff to the customer and permanent support group.

A project can go wrong at any, or all, of the above steps. The only solution to at risk projects is communication.

Extreme Project Management

Based on the frequent change and uncertainty, extreme project management is designed for projects with high stakes and short deadlines. Extreme projects place emphasis on innovation and quality of life. Requirements can change rapidly. The focus of extreme project management is less on templates and more on leadership, because a leader can help navigate a rapidly changing environment.

During extreme projects, when project management services are not enough to ensure the commitment, daily, and sometimes twice daily communications are the norm. When in a rapid response, some teams will elect to have twice daily 15 minute standups, and they are wildly productive.

If that still isn't working to fix the project management services issue?

Call a professional.

Based on industry best practices and our own experience in the field, The PM Agency’s Project Management services ensure that projects are completed efficiently to meet customer expectations. We do this not only by monitoring project milestones as they happen, but also by supporting staff members as they complete project tasks.

IT Project Management: IT projects can often be difficult to manage due to the sheer amount of resources involved. Between software and hardware tools, data management and programming, numerous factors affect the success of an IT project. Momentum can provide support during IT project development, offering technical expertise and management, requirements gathering, third-party testing and implementation support.

PMO and EPMO Establishment: Project Management Offices (PMOs) and Enterprise Project Management Offices (EPMOs) serve as key functions within businesses, setting standards and expectations to aid in the management of projects. Momentum offers PMO and EPMO establishment services using industry best practices to help your organization maintain long-term success.

Project Management Methodology (PMM) Development: Establishing a unified methodology for Project Management is a practical first step for consolidating Project Management efforts within a business. By setting expectations and process standards, PMMs allow companies to improve repeatability and consistency. Momentum helps businesses develop their own PMMs to create a shared understanding of the project lifecycle and clearly define responsibilities and roles within an organization.

Mentoring and Education: Employees serve as the backbone of your business’ Project Management success, making their knowledge and abilities essential for forward progress. Momentum helps businesses succeed by creating and facilitating Project Management training and mentoring programs geared toward proper Project Management practices and PMM implementation.

The PM Agency specializes in project management for marketing teams, which includes website development and content development.

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